Thank you for coming to NOV8 – EvaBitterSuite!!! My 1st Music Release Party!!!

Thank you for coming to NOV8 – EvaBitterSuite!!! My 1st Music Release Party!!!

To my friends and family….

…now that the nov8 event is over, I want to set this space to thank Every- and ANY-one who had a hand in helping me with my very first musical project. It was scary and long overdue…and now it’s time for me to put in even MORE work.

Thank you to my donors who are still sending me some help (so much more to do so thank you thank you thank you)…thank you to my management team….thank you to my “E-Day Crew” who stepped in Nov8th….thank you to all the producers…thank you to the artists (vocal and print)….thank you to the prayer warriors (you know who you are)…thank you to those who RSVP’d but couldn’t make it and to those who could…thank you to those who took the time to come but couldn’t get in because we had exceeded capacity (my deepest apologies, we will do this again at a bigger venue)…thank you to all of you who helped me PUSH the word out (mymymymymymy thankU); thank you to the band…thank you to my FGCE Family here and abroad…AND, thank you to my EmCee, DeeJay, Videographer & Photographers.

I am grateful (and hopeful) that everyone got home safely especially those who traveled from out of town–thank you so much for your support…I am humbled and just so happy you all could make it.

For anyone who was unable to make it and would like to support me, please visit my website www.EvaBitterSuite.com as we load up pictures, video links, and E!blog about the event. We are also updating our shop so you can order your “EvaBitterSuite-T” and presale CDs before they run out. We plan to have some of songs released on iTunes by December!!!

…see you at the NEXT at the next EvaBitterSuite project (coming SOON)…. thanks again for joining me on this journey.

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