Bucket Lists…

Life is beautiful.  We come into it with ambitious curiosity of how to fill this wide open field with dreams.  Why not?  This world…this LIFE is ripened with interesting and never ending possibilities.  Somewhere during this life, we crawl to them; then, we fall but we get up…now, we wobble and walk to them…then we fall but we up…then, we run fast and hard towards the rest of this life but we hit a wall, stumble and fall…

Now, it’s more difficult to get up.  We start to doubt that we can get up.  So we start to give excuses on why we won’t keep running towards our dreams that were once so curious to us.  The truth is those dreams should be just as curious and just as needed in order to LIVE.  We get one life…we need to dream to make sure we make the best of this life and live out those dreams one BUCKET list item at a time.  On February 17th 2015, I checked off an item–“perform at the legendary Blues Alley!”

What’s in your bucket list?

Blues Alley

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