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#Rebirth2Nirvana Eva bitter suite locked on 7 Music Release

Eva! BitterSuite Music Release – Locked on 7 #Rebirth2Nirvana

*****BUY TICKET(S) HERE*******COCKTAILS START AT 6PM, SHOW WILL START AT 7PM****** For Event Tickets: VIP Tickets General Admissions For Event Donations/Sponsorships: Corporate Sponsorship E! Circle of Friends – Donations For check donations or  wire transfers, please contact 240-354-1154. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** *** For hotel accommodations *** Holiday Inn Express & Suites Laurel 14402 Laurel Place , Laurel, […]

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New Music!!! “Sugaaah!!!” visits the “bitter” side of love where betrayal of a trust, bond, friendship and respect of a couple is at it’s pushed limit.  One lover, in this case the woman, has dug deep into the pit of her stomach to let her now “ex” partner, know that he is basically — he […]

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