Happy Holidays!!! Here’s to the ROARING 20’s!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!! Here’s to the ROARING 20’s!!!!!


Of course, they didn’t have an Apple Computer back in the 20’s….but “who ‘gon check me boo?!”  I had a great time performing for the Securities and Exchange Commission “SpeakEasy Holiday Celebration”!!!!  I love music and I ABSOLUTELY love time piece themes…

I had the opportunity to do songs from Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald…what a wonderful time!  Music that heals my soul, keeps me smiling and at peace.  Nerves are worth having whenever I get a moment to sing…thank you for having me.

Rules to a Speak Easy Party!!!!

  1. Keep the Party Happening “QUIET”
  2. No Easy Directions to the Gig
  3. Use the back door or Secret Door (w/PWD)
  4. Dress the Part
  5. Lots of Booze
  6. Keep ‘em entertained
  7. When in doubt, know your way out!


…a little history about “speakeasies” of the ’20’s

Speakeasies were hidden sections of an establishment that were used to illegally sell alcoholic beverages during Prohibition. Some speakeasies were similar to today’s clubs, as there was singing and jazz performances. To enter a speakeasy, one would need to say a password to the door person so that the door person would know whether or not they were really secret agents. It has been said that for every legal saloon before Prohibition, at LEAST half a dozen speakeasies were put up AFTER Prohibition. This was most likely because being the manager of a speakeasy was easy money. The word “speakeasy” came from a bartender’s term: people were supposed to “speak easy” when at a bar, meaning not to draw any suspicion towards buying alcoholic beverages by looking nervous or talking quickly.  To transport liquor to the speakeasies, they used hip flasks, false books, coconut shells, hot water bottles, and garden hoses. People stored the illegal liquor in carriages with babies perched on top and in carpenter’s aprons. Some of the slang words used for alcohol were like “coffin varnish;” “white mule;” “rot gut;” etc etc hahahaha….

Speakeasies were found everywhere in the United States of America and Canada. Whether they were established underground, or hidden within stores and other businesses, in every urban establishment you entered, you were most likely not far off from an illegal party.

*This information was obtained by an article I read written by Jen S. and Ceyana A.

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