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“the CRUSH” – new single (snippet)

I’m enjoying working on my 2nd project…there is so much I want to say!!!! Here’s my next snippet for my next single.  Please take a listen and comment in YouTube or you can comment on this page…  First, just click here ——> “the CRUSH”

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New Music – Original Music & Lyrics

What an honor it was to work with the duo Brian Christopher and Dawoud Said.  Thanks to their musical talents, I was able to write to my very own original melody.  The process was a learning experience and I’m happy to say, you can find it on SoundCloud; but I would very much appreciate your financial […]

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Eva! BitterSuite

Available Now!!!

Hi Everybody!!!! I’m so excited to share that “Locked On 7” is available online:  iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Groove, etc!!!!!  Check online at your favorite store and listen my next single…and don’t forget to request it be played on your favorite radio station. click here for Spotify ===> Spotify click here for iTunes ===> iTunes click […]

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“Locked on 7!”

New music from Eva! BitterSuite.  “Locked on 7” carries many references for this singer/songwriter…  Maybe check out the month she was born (7th month); 7 colors of the rainbow; seven circles in the “seed of life”; the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac which her daughter was born “Libra”…  Seven is such a mystical number, […]

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New “EvaBitterSuite” Music !!!

  I’m so excited to be on my next musical journey…still working on a name for it though… Join me as I delve deeper into the art that is “music” … the type of music that inspire me—and I hope, inspire you too.  I plan to explore contemporary jazz, hip hop jazz, funk, jazzsoul, and just […]

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New e!Music – one year later…

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR already!!! One year ago, I released a DREAM of recording my lyrics into songs.  Words cannot express my joy, relief OR the absolute gratitude to all of you who supported my project financially, spiritually and physically.  I give you infinite thanks!!!!! As I continue on my journey through […]

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Thank you for coming to NOV8 – EvaBitterSuite!!! My 1st Music Release Party!!!

To my friends and family…. …now that the nov8 event is over, I want to set this space to thank Every- and ANY-one who had a hand in helping me with my very first musical project. It was scary and long overdue…and now it’s time for me to put in even MORE work. Thank you […]

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