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Locked on 7 – It’s a WRAP

For my second project, I was truly challenged. I learned so much from this experience; meeting new highs and lows hoping to soar so I could pone day look back knowing that no matter what, I put my all into this project. I look forward to my next project–trying new music, new producers, new experiences. […]

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“Locked on 7” #Rebirth2Nirvana – how to use the EBS Music Card

Stop the press!!!  It’s NOT a key chain everybody 🙂

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Guess Who’s Locked on 7- Friends & Family

Like the amazing Michael Rainey, Jr. of famed hit series “Power”—and movies like “the Butler”; “Barbershop”; “Another World” just to name a few!!!

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Guess Who’s Locked on 7 – FASHION

Happy to announce one of our designers who is “Locked on 7″…the exquisite Ms. Uche Ibezue of O’Mack Designs. After a successful showing in New York Fashion week two weeks ago, this designer has been invited back to NYC for a private reception with H.E Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York & his First […]

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ASCAP – I CREATE MUSIC Just landed in Los Angeles, CA.  for ASCAP – I CREATE MUSIC. Yes, I’m taking another step towards creating and understanding how I can better get my music heard.  It’s such a challenge to stay encouraged but I love this affair too much to ever quit.  I started this journey […]

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New Music – Original Music & Lyrics

What an honor it was to work with the duo Brian Christopher and Dawoud Said.  Thanks to their musical talents, I was able to write to my very own original melody.  The process was a learning experience and I’m happy to say, you can find it on SoundCloud; but I would very much appreciate your financial […]

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Eva! BitterSuite

Available Now!!!

Hi Everybody!!!! I’m so excited to share that “Locked On 7” is available online:  iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Groove, etc!!!!!  Check online at your favorite store and listen my next single…and don’t forget to request it be played on your favorite radio station. click here for Spotify ===> Spotify click here for iTunes ===> iTunes click […]

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***BREAKING NEWS***** LO7 gets airplay on popular radio station!!!

June 11, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) “Locked on 7” released in June 2017 has caught the ears of popular WHUR FM Broadcaster, Mansy Pullen. A dream realized for Eva! BitterSuite could not have happened without DC’s voice of silk on the The World’s GREATEST Classic R&B Love Song segment, “the Quiet Storm!”  Tune in every Sunday from 7PM to […]

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“Locked on 7!”

New music from Eva! BitterSuite.  “Locked on 7” carries many references for this singer/songwriter…  Maybe check out the month she was born (7th month); 7 colors of the rainbow; seven circles in the “seed of life”; the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac which her daughter was born “Libra”…  Seven is such a mystical number, […]

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New “EvaBitterSuite” Music !!!

  I’m so excited to be on my next musical journey…still working on a name for it though… Join me as I delve deeper into the art that is “music” … the type of music that inspire me—and I hope, inspire you too.  I plan to explore contemporary jazz, hip hop jazz, funk, jazzsoul, and just […]

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