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New Music – Original Music & Lyrics

What an honor it was to work with the duo Brian Christopher and Dawoud Said.  Thanks to their musical talents, I was able to write to my very own original melody.  The process was a learning experience and I’m happy to say, you can find it on SoundCloud; but I would very much appreciate your financial […]

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Eva! BitterSuite

Available Now!!!

Hi Everybody!!!! I’m so excited to share that “Locked On 7” is available online:  iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Groove, etc!!!!!  Check online at your favorite store and listen my next single…and don’t forget to request it be played on your favorite radio station. click here for Spotify ===> Spotify click here for iTunes ===> iTunes click […]

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New e!Music – one year later…

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR already!!! One year ago, I released a DREAM of recording my lyrics into songs.  Words cannot express my joy, relief OR the absolute gratitude to all of you who supported my project financially, spiritually and physically.  I give you infinite thanks!!!!! As I continue on my journey through […]

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Happy Holidays!!! Here’s to the ROARING 20’s!!!!!

Of course, they didn’t have an Apple Computer back in the 20’s….but “who ‘gon check me boo?!”  I had a great time performing for the Securities and Exchange Commission “SpeakEasy Holiday Celebration”!!!!  I love music and I ABSOLUTELY love time piece themes… I had the opportunity to do songs from Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald…what a […]

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