e!Testimonials … what people are say’in?

 Thanks so much for feedback…it takes a team—and I’m grateful!!!!!


“Eva’s sultry, sexy sound is a jazzy fusion of R&B soul with a blend of that ‘back-in-the-day’ feel good music that reminds me of a time when music felt good!”  ~Wendy Hicks, Founder and CEO at Wendy Soulfusion 

“Eva is a really good lyricist.  Love her lyrics…  “unHealthy” –love her voice on the track…it’s strong and shows her versatility.  “Brand New: –what a sweet song….” “Come Inside”—sexy and layered. ~Ije Agubuzu Rodgers

“I’ve been jamming to the album all day!!  Haven’t had an album with all songs superb since the days of Anita Baker, Teena Marie.  Very poetic and relaxing.  Nice Stuff Eva!  It made my list of “Maureen’s Favorite Things” Thanks!!! ~Maureen Okafor

“…spent Sat at home, first time in a long time just chilling. I listened to your CD. Wow! i’m so proud of you!!!!! U got skills!” ~ David Zikria

“Eva! Thank you so much! I received your package last week. I’ve been rocking your amazing CD and the tee fit perfectly. I will post pictures soon. Once again, thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. I’ll always be rooting for you…this is just the beginning. Going places!!” ~Nkechi Chineme Nwafo

“Soulful voice!” ~Emma Banya

” Proud of you!” ~Nwamaka Christine Enwonwu-Chuke

“Love the CD.” ~Nneka Enwonwu-Achufusi

“The album is hot!” ~Harrison Nwosu, Tribex Marketing Group

“You did great Auntie..proud of you…never knew you could sing!!”  ~Tasha Easley

“…the CD is HOTT!” ~Irene Sizemore


“Love you Eva! Your CD rocks!!!!” ~Dr. Nnenna Uchendu

“…I felt it in my soul!!” ~Tameka J. Swain -aka- DJ FYNE

“Look what came in the mail!! My ‪#‎BittersuiteT‬ and my CD. Been rocking to my girl,Eva Jean Njoku‘s lyrical voice all week long!  Stay! Stay! Stay!, unHealthy, Golden…can’t decide which one I love most…CD on shuffle in my truck! Get yours today! Visit the e!Shop at www.EvaBitterSuite.com for yours today!  ‪#‎thisgirlevaisonfire‬ ‪#‎shedidthat‬ ‪#‎LiveYourLyricalLyfe‬”  ~ Nkechi Chineme Nwafo


~ Nkechi Chineme Nwafo

1534887_1087400724624498_5984444698372191659_o ~Comedienne Queen Aishah

Yippee, I got my #BitterSuiteT and album.  Signed with lots of love from @EvaBitterSuite herself!  I’m having a hard time deciding my favorite track but it’s definitely between “Come Inside”, “Stay Stay Stay”, “Unhealthy” & “BitterSuite Love”. Hahahahahaha, can’t choose Mehn.   As a Radio DJ, I can tell you to get yourself the#BitterSuite album if you love good music.  Distance can never be a barrier to good #Music cos I had mine delivered to my city from the US. Wherever you are, order now at e!SHOP  Congratulations @evabittersuite, your album is ?, wonderful acoustics, excellent production, amazing vocals and I’ll be playing it Non-stop.  

12316416_1047626955269135_1952903256189129182_n~DJ Olivia Onyia, Sunrise FM & ETV Channel 50.

Dillibs1 (3)~Dilibe Umesuh

Emma_final~Captain Emma

~ Karena Jackson, Wonderfully Made4You

~Onotse aka Angel