New “EvaBitterSuite” Music !!!

New “EvaBitterSuite” Music !!!


I’m so excited to be on my next musical journey…still working on a name for it though…

Join me as I delve deeper into the art that is “music” … the type of music that inspire me—and I hope, inspire you too.  I plan to explore contemporary jazz, hip hop jazz, funk, jazzsoul, and just some fun stuff.  I look forward to collaborating with some of the many talented artists out there…maybe some duets…but mostly continue to hone my writing skills 🙂

“I Feel Free” is one of a few original songs I’ve held on to for a few years—-hoping to record.  Well, I found two talented musicians who helped bring my melodic dream to life.

——>>>>Here’s a Snippet!!!!  I hope you enjoy it…working on the video too 🙂

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